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  • Dr. Paul Marsden, a market researcher specializing in brand advocacy and innovation, is a director at online brainstorming agency clickadvisor. Previously with Enterprise LSE, the commercial arm of the London School of Economics, Dr. Marsden led the team that validated the link between the Net Promoter Score and business performance in the UK. With more than 15 years of research experience, including work with Astra-Zeneca, Dr. Marsden co-founded online research agency and works with leading brands including LVMH, Bacardi, Coty, Nokia, T-Mobile and Unilever. Author of Connected Marketing and a PhD in word of mouth communication, Dr. Marsden is on the advisory boards of Word of Mouth Marketing Association and the Viral and Buzz Marketing Association.

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J Clampitt

So - the answer to the question about which half of an advertising budget is wasted remains elusive. Should advertising budgets be cut down to 10% of what has been spent in the past? Using the voter population for presidential elections, how could that 10% of voters who are political promoters be identified? How can the advertising budget be directed to them?

Paul Marsden

Great point! The half of advertising that is wasted is the half that tries to talk directly to your main target audience - the half that works is the half that is targeted at your existing promoters and gives them a reason to recommend!

On identifying political promoters, there are at least two solutions:

1) The Ultimate Question - ask voters how likely are you to recommend voting for [candidate] to a friend or colleague?

2) If that is too expensive, I'd simply use membership (or donors) of Democrat/Republican party as a proxy for promoters.

The point is that smart political campaigns should target promoters - not passives or 'undecideds'.

John Calkins

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Net Promoter Community

Numerous companies calculate their own Net Promoter Scores. Here is a link to the Net Promoter Conference blog with a number of case studies:

Other resources for embarking on your own Net Promoter program include the Net Promoter blogs:

And discussion forums (search on topics by using the "find" tab):


This is very similar to what Hugh has been saying over hear about how marketers should give cosumers social objects to pass on/talk about:

BTW amazing blog/report !

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