Fred Reichheld

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Willie Orphe III

NPS is now a current practice of our growing culture here at Verizon Wireless. We realize that Building Relationships is the key to healthy business and customer loyalty. It is also contagious within the company. As each employee across different work groups and departments, practice building relationships with each other within the organization, you begin to cultivate habits that are communicable within and this behavior tends to overflow into customer interactions.

Martin Floreani

Although the Net Promoter concept makes sense for most industries I am having a very difficult time applying it to mine, pharmaceuticals. I am an Executive Director of Global Strategy for a mid-sized pharma company and responsible for the development of global strategic planning and performance management. The Net Promoter score would seem very appropriate for us but the dynamics between our customers and our services are different than in most other industries. Most of our contact is with physicians. Do we ask them if they would recommend our company or our products? Also, would they recommend our products to colleagues or prescribe them to patients? I have not seen other examples of this applied to pharma but perhaps they exist.
I would love to find out.

Thank you,

Martin Floreani
Executive Director, Global Strategy
Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

Net Promoter Community

Thanks for your comment, Martin. We have added your comment to a pharmaceutical-related discussion forum string. We will be sure to highlight your question in the next monthly Net Promoter newsletter. Here is the link to the forum post:

ian mckee

I am looking for a case study of how telcos perform when full number portability is introduced?

I m sure that I read one a while ago that shows that the telco that performed the best (ie acquired the most imbound transfers) was the one with the best Net Promoter Score

Can anyone point me to it please?

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