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  • President and CEO of Satmetrix Systems, Owen is responsible for all aspects of strategy and day-to-day operations. Prior to Satmetrix, Owen was Chairman and CEO of NASDAQ-traded AvantGo, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. AvantGo was successfully sold to Sybase, Inc. Prior to Avantgo, Owen spent eight years at Dell Computer Corporation in various executive positions, most recently as vice president of Dell Online Worldwide.

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Glenn Donovan

The book business is a marketplace that was largely driven by WOM before the advent of e-commerce. In the past, book clubs were the key to selling books because that's where avid readers connected to discuss and form opinions about new books. Participants in these clubs are the "mavens" and "connectors" who generate buzz about books. Amazon provides these same people a web platform to share their opinions, making their referrals even more impactful. Amazon has earned the loyalty of avid readers by understanding what is imporant to them. Not really rocket science, just plain old common sense if you ask me. And yes, I'm in the midst of trying to sell my own book, which I won't shamelessly plug until I have a publishing deal signd.

Paul Pakalnietis

Amazon started its existence by choosing to serve a specific market very well - people who are interested in purchasing books, even hard to find titles, conveniently and easily without having to drive to a store to do it. Amazon grows by providing those customers with a great experience. The positive word of mouth Amazon received in its early days, helped establish itself as a leader in e-commerce (contrast this success by many marked failures that I will not name, to protect the guilty).
Amazon continues to place bets by teating its customers better, and making investments in its customer base, and reducing ad spend, relying on positive word of mouth instead.

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