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  • President and CEO of Satmetrix Systems, Owen is responsible for all aspects of strategy and day-to-day operations. Prior to Satmetrix, Owen was Chairman and CEO of NASDAQ-traded AvantGo, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. AvantGo was successfully sold to Sybase, Inc. Prior to Avantgo, Owen spent eight years at Dell Computer Corporation in various executive positions, most recently as vice president of Dell Online Worldwide.

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Deborah Eastman

Richard, no doubt US based airlines need an overhaul. Here's a recent posting from Joseph Jaffe (a popular blogger and well known author) who had a horrible experience on Delta Airlines

As Net Promoter practioners it's interesting for a few reasons.

1. He attempts to initiate a closed loop process which is horribly executed by Delta.

2. He has the potential to be the Jeff Jarvis of the airline industry. His weight in the social media space could give Delta the same kind of beating that Jeff Jarvis gave in the infamous Dell Hell blog of 2005:

Organizations that want to survive in today's serivce economy need to listen to their customers, take action and close the loop, or risk the rapid spread of word of mouth enabled by platforms such as this.

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