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  • Dr. Laura Brooks, VP, Research and Consulting, Satmetrix, is a thought leader in customer experience methodology, research, and consulting on business optimization around the customer. She writes on B2B customer experience management, Net Promoter methodology, and best practices.

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I am managing a sales operations team in a big company.We were struggling to find a decent objective and comprehensive metric to link the compensations of our team-members. That is when,I heard of NPS and we happened to link the quarterly awards with the regionwise NPS score of each member.This is a start and we are yet to collect and analyse the data.Is it right to collect the data quarterly?

Net Promoter Community

There is a somewhat related post in the Net Promoter discussion forum that recommends quarterly surveys. See link below:

At the link noted above, you will see related blog articles written by Scott Smith of Satmetrix on surveying.

You also may find some parallels to your organization in the Enterprise success story located at this link:

Kimarie Matthews

Hi- I understand that there is not a "one size fits all" approach for tying the NP score to compensation. But, I'm curious if you can shed light on some implementations of this by different companies. Perhaps there are learnings others can use to structure a compensation scheme that supports a focus on customer loyalty?


Hi,My USA friend,I like your net promoter system,and also met the same problerms about net promoting.wish you can help me.

nilda guerrero

How will be the approach when you have direct and indirect customers? For example, 10-to 15 customers generate 1.5 million of potential users (Call Center) . Should we survey as different populations ? If so, Should I keep track of two NPS?

Tracie Scott

Dr Brooks,
In dicusssions 'around the water cooler' here, we seem to have two camps...those who support linking directly to the NP and those to advocate linking compensation to operational metrics derived from Key Driver analysis (the idea being that if I improve performance on those metrics, my NP should go up). Can you comment on the "pros" and "cons" unique to each approach? Do you favor the former and, if so, why?

ben ong

I'm so excited to read your opinion on linking NPS to performance goals because that's exactly what i'm doing now for my team.using NPS as a performace goal ensures that we measure the output of our performance and not just the effort. more importantly, we measure the output form the customers' perspective. this makes it difficult to argue during performance appraisal.

However, i'm curious to know how we can include the improvement initiated in the performance goal?

Andrea Carpenter


We are tying improvement in scores (both relative score and degree of improvement over baseline) to comp. Do you have any suggestions for what degree of improvement is reasonable? I assume we'd measure improvement only outside a margin of error. Also, is there a best practice for reporting the score, meaning should we use whole numbers, or go out to one or two decimal places? Thanks for any help you can offer!

Andrea Carpenter

Net Promoter Community

Here is a Net Promoter discussion forum link related to setting targets for improvement:

As per your other question, we'll aim to to get a response at this forum link:

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